torsdag 14. april 2011

Pacific Beach sunset

Since I'm probably getting my new camera tomorrow (depending only on the level of precision of USPS' estimates), I decided to take my old camera for a stroll along the boardwalk in the sunset. I did receive more than a few quizzical looks when skating along with a tripod-mounted camera, but they're amateurs, they do not understand the urgent importance of being "over there", "right now", because the light looks better there... It would seem that yes, I have taken the final step on the road to becoming a photographer; appearing a raving lunatic in public is no longer so much a barrier as it is a motivation to me. Either that, or I might simply be losing my mind, but that is of lesser importance. The only one gaining of this impending lunacy is, as fate would have it, you!

Today I tried to make some HDRs, but once again failed miserably. If anyone feels the call to teach me HDR mastery, they shall forever hold their peace, or speak now. I also experimented with some filtering effects, but not quite happy with it. Would be interested in what you think about the color versions compared to the black white ones!

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  1. Hey Sven!
    Don't worry I had my tough luck with HDRs too, It really takes a matter of practice to get HDRs right. Personally not my taste, but hopefully someone in photo club can help you out!

    Justin Chen (from UCSD photoclub)


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