mandag 18. april 2011

California Guys

Good evening (or morning, all depending on your placement on this big round thing). I've been getting busy with photography these last couple of days. It is often said that getting a better camera doesn't make you a better photographer, well, at least it got me to photograph some more. 

Surfing is getting better with each passing day, not only due to increasing skill (maybe least due to that..), but because the water is warming up, and my wet suit I now realize was not sold at a discount price, it was simply too thin for anyone even remotely aware of such limitations as neoprene thickness to purchase. The first three images in this set were taken with my Olympus compact, which has been in almost as much saltwater as me soon. It should be noted the camera has the advantage of not swallowing the water, an ability which I, unfortunately, am deprived of.

The rest of the pictures are taken with my new K-7 combined with the 16-45mm and 105mm lenses. I find the K-7 to be working very well, although it leaves me wanting some of the high iso capabilities of the K-5, but that will have to wait! 

"There's nobody out there. Wonder if that's good or bad..."


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